What is Adoption? This is must have and much needed book that belongs in the homes of all families with children and all agencies and schools that have anything to do with children. It is an honest and straightforward look at the adoption process that can be enjoyed and understood by all ages. It normalizes adoption and prepares all of us to ask and answer questions about adoption in a kinder and more appropriate fashion. It prompted lots of lively discussion when I read it to a group of children ranging in age from 4 to 14, who all gave it a 'thumbs up'. It is a wonderful book for adoptive parents to help talk with their children about adoption. The book sums it up nicely by saying 'we are all different because of who we are, not because of how we joined our family.' I plan to give copies of this book to my children and to their teachers.
Jo-Anne Dumaresq, Experienced Specialized Foster Parent & Adoption Trainer. She is a parent by birth, through adoption, and is also a stepparent.
As a parent of both biological and adopted children I highly recommend this book. The book is aimed at helping children who are not adopted understand adoption. I decided that my 9-year-old daughter's perspective might be quite insightful as the book is aimed at children 5 years of age and older. We read it together and here is what she had to say, "I would suggest that most of my friends read it because they have no idea what adoption is and then they would stop asking me questions! It would be a good book to read at school too." As a parent what I liked about the book is that it normalizes adoption within the context that families are formed in many different ways, with adoption being one of those ways. It is easy to read and includes information at the end to help adults communicate more sensitively with families who have adopted. I have a copy for my family to read (and read!) and have given a copy to my children's school!
Kathy Harris, parent (by birth and adoption) and Co-founder of The Center of Education for Children's Health and the Environment.
What an insightful and helpful tool to assist in creating a dialogue about adoption. There isn't anything like this book on the market that helps foster communication about the topic of adoption.... thank-you to the authors for helping fill this void. What an uplifting book! What is Adoption? is a much needed resource for parents like me who want to broach the topic of adoption with my children. This book is playful, insightful, honest and really creates an opportunity to speak to adoption...I will refer to it over and over again. This is a must have for anyone who is lucky enough to have an adopted child in their midst!
Anna Filipopolous -- Aunt of adoptee
I feel the book is a great tool for parents to explain a complicated topic to their kids. As a parent, it helps give enlightened responses to a sensitive subject. Learning the terms in this book really helped me explain the process of adoption in a much simpler, non-threatening way to
my children.
Lina McPhee -- Friend of young adoptee
What is Adoption? is a very sensitive and thought provoking book. It is well written, original and broaches what can be a difficult subject in a gentle, natural and loving manner. The subject of adoption is dealt with in a comfortable and easy to understand manner that it is a wonderful read for all ages. This book would be a great reference guide for anyone as to how to introduce or deal with the subject of adoption. The section on 'Notes to Adults' is very helpful and insightful. Kudos to the authors! Well done! Inspirational!!
Scherazud Musaphir, MD -- Family Friend of Adoptee