I learned adoption can be everywhere in the world. I think it was great!
Faith -- age 6
This book helped me learn that it doesn't matter if you are adopted or not. All that matters is what's inside.
Maya -- age 7
This book taught me a lot about adoption. Adoption families are real families, they just aren't birth families. It's one of the best books I have ever read ... from the heart!
Ellie -- age 9
I liked the book a lot because it taught me about adoption and I think it will help other kids learn about adoption. I learned that people live with other people like step dad and mom.
Leane -- age 10
I think it's a good book that explains how adoption occurs and it's easy to follow and understand. On a scale, I would rate it a ten! P.S. It's a wonderful book to read.
Paige -- age 10
I learned that my friend, who was adopted, is no different than I am. I also learned that he can never be taken away from his family, and that I should not ask him really personal questions.
Jonathan -- age 11
I think this book is a great way to teach kids about adoption, and it will answer many questions that children may have. Children will learn that just because a child is adopted, doesn't mean that that they are any different then children who are not adopted. Hopefully, children will learn that adoption can be a sensitive thing.
Jenna -- age 13
I think this book will really help children understand the meaning of adoption. Families are wonderful gifts from God and no matter how the family was formed, families love each other forever. Whether children look like their parents or not, they all love each other the same and this book helps others understand that.
Nicole -- age 15