This book is a very inspiring story to read for all readers both the non-adopted and to the adoption circle! As an adoptee, a teacher, and a parent, I was able to relate to this very useful, enlightening story in different perspectives. As an adult adoptee, I would recommend this to a child growing up as an adoptee. The story has a very realistic tone to it for any child, or parent to relate to. I wish I had someone give me a book like this to read when I was going through my trying teenage years. When talking about family make-up in my classroom, this story brought up very interesting issues about family. It was a nice way to bring up about my own personal adoption story. I have already shared this book with my family and friends, which have triggered some very interesting discussions! Thank you for publishing a book that will touch many new readers to come.
MiRyung Pang - adult Korean adoptee, parent, teacher
I absolutely loved this book, both as an adopted person, a Principal, and a prospective adoptive parent. When I was growing up, the children of family and friends had no idea what adoption was, and it was a big job for me to try and explain it. I hated being asked about my 'real mom', and very personal questions about my adoption story. The book What is Adoption?, explains all of the concepts in a way that children can understand and feel comfortable with. I have already given it out to the children of friends and family for our soon-to-be adoption, and I make sure that teachers in my school read it to their classes. Adoption is just another way to create a family, and the book emphasizes and totally normalizes this. Thank you Sofie and Rita!
Peter Spiliokis, adult adoptee, Principal
As an adoptee and mother of a son who was adopted, this book talks about both our situations. My adoption was private and I was placed with my parents from birth. My son was born in Eastern Europe and adopted as an infant. Thirty years ago, the language of adoption was very different and this book makes use of the pro-adoption lingo used today to make all persons involved comfortable. I actually changed my adoption language as a consequence of reading the book. This book is a great resource to share with our friends and family as my son grows up and understands more and more about his adoption. I would definitely recommend this book to all people touched by adoption. Great book!
Jennifer Singer -- adult adoptee & adoptive parent
As an adoptive parent, I feel that this book provides a wonderful and supportive story that reassures adopted children while educating non-adopted children, their parents, teachers and friends. The story of Alex and Violet is a wonderful way to inform children and those who influence them. As an adoptee, I wish there had been a book like this when I was growing up that would have supported our family and provided information and education in such a positive manner to my friends, their parents and to my teachers.
Kathryn Haworth -- adult adopt, adoptive parent, health promotion coordinator
I love this book. I got really tired explaining what adoption is, and having all my friends ask me questions. Once they read the book they stopped asking me questions, and they felt that I was 'normal'. My teachers understood adoption better too. No one bugs me now.
Anthony, adoptee, age 10