About Us The Authors

Sofie Stergianis, MSW, R.S.W., is a private adoption professional who has worked in the field of adoption since 1983. Sofie works as an adoption educator, and also offers pre and post adoption counseling and services to families. Sofie is a parent through adoption, and lives with her son in Toronto, Canada.

Rita McDowall, BBA, M.Ed., works in the field of adult education. Rita and her husband are also parents through adoption and live with their daughter in Toronto, Canada.

How this book came to be! Sofie and Rita were inspired to write What is Adoption? because they were unable to find a book to help explain adoption in an easy to understand manner for the children of family, friends and neighbours in their own lives.
The Illustrator Alicia Hough is a graduate of the Illustration program at the Sheridan Institute of Animation, Arts and Design, and lives just outside Toronto, Canada. She has studied art in Italy and has been involved in numerous projects, including magazine and fashion illustrations. To view her portfolio and further information, visit her website at http://www.aliciasinfinity.com.